Hymenostilbe nutans

Hymenostilbe nutans

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cordyceps Survey 2

Last week we headed over the Dochela pass and down the hill. What does that mean? Well we started from my house at 2600 metres, got up to Dochela at about 3000 metres and reached our site at about 1500 metres. Bhutan may be a small country but it has seriously big hills!

I was on form (rare for me these days) and found lots of nice specimens. One is quite possibly a new species of Cordyceps and was combined with an Isaria anamorph. Another was the 'Gedu Cordyceps' which is in the process of being described. So now we have two sites for the 'Gedu Cordyceps'.

I then found what I thought was a beautiful yellow Cordyceps. Wanting to take a close look at this I put my camera down. Camera rolled down the slope and five metres over an embankment before coming to rest in the road! AGGGGHHHHH. It was recovered and I could not believe that it suffered no serious damage. And this was not some little digi. This was a Canon EOS400. Having recovered the camera and examined the yellow Cordyceps I was somewhat disappointed to see it was a bloody mushroom that had not grown up yet.

Then it was back up to Dochela and down the other side to home. Isolations have been made and are growing. Especially, the Cordyceps-Isaria combo.

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  1. Good work on finding a co-occurring Isaria anamorph with that Cordyceps. These do not seem to be often found together, although there appear to be more collections in recent years. E.g. I was interested to see the pics at: http://cordyceps.us/species/cordyceps/takaomontana

    Especially the latter, for some reason I was always dubious about the Pacioni & Frizzi (1978)
    linking of C.memorabilis/I.farinosa.