Hymenostilbe nutans

Hymenostilbe nutans

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cordyceps Survey

Well, we made it back safe and sound from the far east of Bhutan. We took three days to make the trip over and 'whizzed' back in two days. Had a land-slide hold us up for some time on the way back as stones (ie things that one person can pick up) and boulders (big things that one person can not pick up) came tumbling down across the road.

The Cordyceps I was hoping to relocate was not around. We saw it at the end of June last time so were probably 4-6 weeks too late. We'll try again next year! But we did get a few other nice things. Including what could be the second only site record of a species I named way back in 1994 - Cordyceps pseudomilitaris. This is known from a single site in Thailand where it can be found year after year from August to October. The Bhutanese material looks superficially and suspiciously similar. Next stage is some microscope work. And then, in this day and age (as we got it in culture), some molecular confirmation.

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